Recent Projects

Esplanade Henley Beach

This high-end residential renovation project at Henley Beach was an impressive project overall and we were so pleased to undertake the electrical, communications and security.  Some key things to note:

Prime beach front location:  The project's location on the beachfront at Henley Beach adds an element of luxury and scenic beauty to the renovation that offer stunning views.

Quality lighting:  The use of quality lighting indicates a commitment to aesthetics, functionality and ambiance.  This well-designed lighting has enhanced the overall atmosphere of the space.

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Lockleys Oval

The sports lighting upgrade project at Lockleys Oval, initiated by the West Torrens Council has made significant improvements to the various clubs operating out of the Lockleys Oval, the community and the council.

Joint use area:  Lockleys Oval serves as a joint-use area for various sports, including AFL football, soccer, and baseball.  Upgrading the sports lighting in such a versatile space benefits multiple sports and community groups.

High-quality lighting fixtures:  The project utilised 36 Philips Optivision LED fittings, which are known for their energy efficiency and high-quality illumination.  This choice of lighting fixture contributes to better visibility, lux compliance and safety during sporting events.

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Tea Tree Gully Sports Lighting

The sports lighting upgrade projects undertaken by BCE & CJ Electrical for Tea Tree Gully Council at three different complexes showcase our commitment to improving sports facilities.

Here are the highlights of each of the projects:

Modbury Football Club:

Installation of 28 Philips Optivision LED fittings and 4 x 25 metre light columns.

The use of directional drilling for conduits minimised damage to the surface area.

Implementation of Dynalite dimming lighting automations for advanced lighting control.

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Portside - Isuzu

The engagement by Gary to carry out the electrical work for his new Isuzu showroom on Port Road Albert Park.

Here are the key aspects of our involvement in this project:

Design and Construct (D&C) Coordination:  BCE & CJ Electrical coordinated a Design and Construct approach, in collaboration with Isuzu, Gary and Pierlite.  This approach involves the design and construction of electrical systems to meet specific project requirements efficiently.

Electrical Infrastructure:  We were responsible for installing essential electrical infrastructure, which included:

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Woodville West Torrens Football Club Sports Lighting

The sports lighting upgrade project awarded to BCE & CJ Electrical for the Woodville West Torrens Football Club demonstrates our expertise in delivering high-quality lighting solutions for sports facilities.

Here are the key highlights of this project:

Client and lighting level specification:  The project was awarded by the Woodville West Torrens Football Club with the specific requirement of achieving Class 2 lighting levels, which typically refers to a lighting level of 500lux in the centre of the field, meeting these requirements is essential for facilitating safe and efficient sports activities during low-light conditions.

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Regency Golf Course - Mini Golf

Working with Green Space Management on the lighting of a mini golf course at Regency Golf Course reflects our versatility in providing specialised lighting solutions.

Here are the key highlights of this project:

Collaboration with Green Space Management:  Partnering with Green Space Management for this project demonstrates a collaborative approach to delivering unique and engaging lighting solutions for recreational spaces.

Night time Mini Golf experience:  The mini golf course, named Shanx Mini Golf offers a new and exciting style of golf that can be played at night.  This is made possible by the area lighting installed by BCE & CJ Electrical.  Night time golfing adds a fun and captivating dimension to the traditional mini golf experience.

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Port Adelaide Plaza

BCE & CJ Electrical's recent completion of a 120KW DC charging station at Port Adelaide Plaza showcases our expertise in electrical infrastructure for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Here are the key highlights of this project:

Collaboration with ChargeFox and Plaza management:  Working with ChargeFox, a prominent player in EV charging infrastructure and Plaza Management demonstrates a collaborative approach to expanding the availability of EV charging services.

Minimal disruption:  BCE & CJ Electrical ensured minimal disruption to the site by conducting civil works during night time hours.  This approach reduced inconveniences for both businesses and customers during the installation process.

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SA District Netball

We have successfully delivered a transformative sports lighting project at the SA District Netball Courts in partnership with the Tea Tree Gully Council. This remarkable undertaking has not only enhanced the playing experience but also ensured minimal disruption to the beloved netball training sessions and games.

The lighting project at the SA District Netball Courts was no ordinary task. It involved a comprehensive overhaul of the existing infrastructure and the installation of a state-of-the-art lighting system designed to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and efficiency.

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BCE & CJ Electrical

We are NECA accredited and fully licensed for every area we service. We have also received third-party certification for Quality Safety & Environmental Compliance, as audited and assessed by EQAS Certification