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SA District Netball

We have successfully delivered a transformative sports lighting project at the SA District Netball Courts in partnership with the Tea Tree Gully Council. This remarkable undertaking has not only enhanced the playing experience but also ensured minimal disruption to the beloved netball training sessions and games.

The lighting project at the SA District Netball Courts was no ordinary task. It involved a comprehensive overhaul of the existing infrastructure and the installation of a state-of-the-art lighting system designed to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and efficiency.

The Scope of the Project:

Underground Civil Work: Our meticulous planning and execution included underground civil work to lay the foundation for the new lighting infrastructure. Including directional drilling process was non-invasive as possible and significant light tower foundations.

Consumer Mains and Meter Board Upgrade: A crucial aspect of the project was upgrading the 250Amp consumer mains and meter board to ensure the reliable supply of power to the new lighting system.

Mains Cabling: The installation of all-new mains cabling was a pivotal step to guarantee optimal performance and energy efficiency.

DALI Dynalite Lighting Control: The inclusion of a DALI Dynalite lighting control system provided precision control over the illumination, allowing for tailored lighting scenarios, pin codes, dimming and adjustments to meet various needs.

27-Meter Light Towers: The installation of 10 x towering 27-meter-high light towers significantly improved lighting angles and coverage, offering an exceptional playing experience.

Philips Optivision LED Light Fittings: To deliver top-notch brightness and energy efficiency, the project incorporated 40 x Philips Optivision LED light fittings, renowned for their quality and performance.

Crane and Riggers: The installation process involved specialized equipment and expertise, including cranes and riggers for the safe and precise erection and removal of old, redundant lighting fixtures.

Surface Reinstatement: After the new lighting system was in place, we ensured the complete reinstatement of all surfaces, providing a clean and tidy finish.

PA Equipment Reinstallation: Recognizing the importance of clear communication during games and training, our team meticulously reinstalled PA equipment to maintain a seamless experience.

Lux Testing and Commissioning: Meeting and exceeding Australian standards, BCE & CJ Electrical conducted lux testing and commissioning to ensure that the lighting was optimal for the courts.

One of the standout achievements of this project was the remarkable coordination and time management that we demonstrated. We worked tirelessly to ensure that the project was completed on time, all the while working around tight schedules to avoid any interruptions to normal netball training sessions and games.

The successful completion of the sports lighting project at the SA District Netball Courts is not just a victory for BCE & CJ Electrical; it's a triumph for the athletes, fans, and the community as a whole. With improved lighting, the SA District Netball Club can now look forward to a brighter and more exciting future, where games and training sessions can thrive under the brilliance of advanced lighting technology.

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