Preventative & Service Maintenance

BCE & CJ Electrical offer comprehensive electrical service work and preventative maintenance that focus on site specific customer requirements.

BCE & CJ Electrical have extensive experience in providing service and preventative maintenance to clients in both Metropolitan and outer Metropolitan areas.  We cover a range of services to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

We have a dedicated service team committed to addressing client requirements promptly, this team is equipped to handle various aspects of electrical maintenance responding to and resolving electrical issues as they arise to minimise downtime.

Implementing new electrical installations or upgrades as needed.

Regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent issues and ensure the ongoing reliability of electrical systems.

BCE & CJ Electrical provides services related to compliance and safety, including:

RCD Testing and Logbook results:  Testing and documentation to ensure Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are functioning correctly.

Exit and Emergency testing and compliance:  Ensuring exit and emergency lighting systems meet safety standards.

Switchboard and distribution board thermal imaging:  Using thermal imaging to identify potential issues with electrical distribution equipment.

Appliance test and tag:  Ensuring that electrical appliances are safe to use.

Security lighting:  Maintenance and testing of security lighting systems.

Smoke detector testing:  Ensuring smoke detectors are operational.

Proactive compliance management:  BCE & CJ Electrical can proactively manage compliance requirements by scheduling preventative maintenance and notifying clients in advance of due dates, this helps clients maintain a safe and well-maintained electrical system.

Documentation for audits:  They emphasise the importance of providing all required documentation for audit purposes, ensuring that clients have a comprehensive record of their electrical maintenance activities.

Contact information:  Clients are encouraged to reach out to their Service Manager for more information or to request a quotation, indicating a commitment to clear communication and customer service.

Overall, BCE & CJ Electrical’s service and preventative maintenance offerings aim to provide clients with peace of mind by ensuring the safety and reliability of your electrical systems and helping you meet compliance requirements.  If you have any specific questions or would like further details about our services, please contact us.


BCE & CJ Electrical

We are NECA accredited and fully licensed for every area we service. We have also received third-party certification for Quality Safety & Environmental Compliance, as audited and assessed by EQAS Certification