EV Charger Installation

In South Australia, we have emerged as a key player, taking charge of EV charger installations that range from 7KW AC chargers to powerful 200KW DC chargers. With a comprehensive approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our approach to EV charger installations is not just about the installation itself; it's a holistic process that spans the entire journey. From conception to completion, our dedicated team coordinates all aspects of the project to ensure a seamless process.


BC EV CHARGERS - A Specialized Arm of our business

With our unwavering dedication and growing expertise in the field of EV charger installations, BCE & CJ Electrical has launched a specialized arm of our business.

This venture focuses exclusively on the installation, programming, and commissioning of EV chargers.

Certified installer for Schneider EV units and load management systems, IPD ABB units, and other reputable suppliers.

This accreditation underscores our commitment to quality and compliance, ensuring that our installations we manage meet the highest industry standards.

With numerous projects currently in progress and a vision to promote sustainable transportation solutions in South Australia, we are a driving force in the electrification of the region.

BCE & CJ Electrical

We are NECA accredited and fully licensed for every area we service. We have also received third-party certification for Quality Safety & Environmental Compliance, as audited and assessed by EQAS Certification