Sports Lighting

BCE & CJ Electrical specialise in Sports Lighting and our extensive experience in this field make us a reliable choice for sports facility lighting projects.  Here is an overview of our sports lighting services:

Extensive experience:  With over 20 years of experience in sports lighting installations, BCE & CJ Electrical have a proven track record in delivering quality solutions for sports facilities.

Quality LED products:  We emphasise the use of high-quality, reportable LED sports lighting products.  This ensures energy efficiency, meets the required lux levels for sports activities, offers long-life performance and often comes with after-service warranties for added peace of mind.

Lighting automation control systems:  BCE & CJ Electrical can install a range of lighting automation control systems, including Clipsal Cbus, Dynalite, DALI, and DMX.  These systems can be programmed to match the specific requirements and preferences of sports facilities offering flexibility and efficiency in lighting management.

Design and Construct Services:  If needed, BCE & CJ Electrical can provide a design and construct service for sports lighting projects.  This means they can take care of the entire process, from conceptual design to installation, ensuring a seamless and effective lighting solution.

Use of reliable Sub-Contractors:  We only collaborate with reportable sub-contractors for civil works and crane services.  These subcontractors have a long-standing working relationship with BCE & CJ Electrical, adding to the reliability and consistency of their projects.

Specialisation in sports lighting:  BCE & CJ Electrical's specialisation in sports lighting underscores our expertise in this specific niche.  Our specialisation allows us to focus on the unique requirements and standards associated with sports facility lighting.

High standard of installation:  We take pride in delivering an extremely high standard of installation. This commitment to quality ensures that sports facilities benefit from well-designed, energy-efficient and reliable lighting systems.

Experienced team:  Clients can rely on our experienced team to assist with any sports lighting project needs from planning and design to installation and ongoing maintenance.

In summary, BCE & CJ Electrical's sports lighting services offer a combination of experience, quality products, specialised expertise, and a dedication to delivering top-notch lighting solutions for sports facilities. If you have specific questions or require further information about our sports lighting services, don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced team for assistance.



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