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Port Adelaide Plaza

BCE & CJ Electrical's recent completion of a 120KW DC charging station at Port Adelaide Plaza showcases our expertise in electrical infrastructure for electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Here are the key highlights of this project:

Collaboration with ChargeFox and Plaza management:  Working with ChargeFox, a prominent player in EV charging infrastructure and Plaza management demonstrates a collaborative approach to expanding the availability of EV charging services.

Minimal disruption:  BCE & CJ Electrical ensured minimal disruption to the site by conducting civil works during night time hours.  This approach reduced inconveniences for both businesses and customers during the installation process.

Electrical infrastructure:  The project involved the installation of essential electrical infrastructure, including:

200A Circuit protection:  Ensures the safe operation of the charging station and protects against electrical faults.

Metering coordination:  Coordinating metering within the plaza distribution board helps accurately measure and manage the electricity consumption of the charging station.

Roof mounted cable tray:  Provides organised cable management for efficient power distribution from the Plaza to the EV charger location.

Underground infrastructure:  Ensures that electrical connections are secure and out of sight. Excavation and reinstatement works to leave installation aesthetically pleasing.

Sub mains supply:  120mm three phase sub mains power power from the distribution board to the charging station, installed via cable winch pully system.

Distribution board:  Central hub for power distribution to various components of the charging station, 4G network and circuit protection.

DC charging dual unit:  120KW DC charging station with dual outlets, capable of delivering high-speed charging to EV vehicles.

CCTV camera:  Enhances security and monitoring of the charging station.

Reinstatement works:  Restoration of the site to its original condition after installation.

Signage:  Provides clear directions and information for users.

Handover and commissioning:  Coordinating with ChargeFox for the handover and commissioning of the public use charging station ensures that it is fully operational, safe and ready for use by EV owners.

In summary, BCE & CJ Electrical's completion of the 120KW DC charging station at Port Adelaide Plaza represents a significant step in expanding the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure.  Our ability to collaborate with industry leaders, conduct night time work to minimise disruptions and deliver a fully functional charging station demonstrates our expertise in the field of EV charging infrastructure.  This project contributes to the growth of electric vehicle adoption and sustainability efforts in the community.



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