Recent Projects

Lockleys Oval

The sports lighting upgrade project at Lockleys Oval, initiated by the West Torrens Council has made significant improvements to the various clubs operating out of the Lockleys Oval, the community and the council.

Joint use area:  Lockleys Oval serves as a joint-use area for various sports, including AFL football, soccer, and baseball.  Upgrading the sports lighting in such a versatile space benefits multiple sports and community groups.

High-quality lighting fixtures:  The project utilised 36 Philips Optivision LED fittings, which are known for their energy efficiency and high-quality illumination.  This choice of lighting fixture contributes to better visibility, lux compliance and safety during sporting events.

Variable light columns:  The inclusion of light columns with varying heights (3 x 20 metres and 4 x 25 metres) allows for optimal light distribution across the playing field, ensuring that different sports played at the venue receive appropriate lighting levels.

Minimal surface damage:  The directional drilling of conduits is a thoughtful approach to minimise disruption and surface damage during installation.  This technique is particularly important when upgrading existing facilities to preserve the integrity of the area.

Dynalite dimming lighting automation:  The use of Dynalite dimming lighting automation adds a level of sophistication to the lighting system.  It allows for dynamic control of lighting levels, which can be adjusted according to the specific needs of each sporting event.  This flexibility can enhance the user experience and save energy when full lighting isn't required.

Positive impact:  The amazing result achieved through the lighting upgrade benefits Lockleys Football Club, soccer teams, baseball teams, and the West Torrens Council. Improved lighting contributes to safer and more enjoyable sporting events and fosters community engagement.

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