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Regency Golf Course - Mini Golf

Working with Green Space Management on the lighting of a mini golf course at Regency Golf Course reflects our versatility in providing specialised lighting solutions.

Here are the key highlights of this project:

Collaboration with Green Space Management:  Partnering with Green Space Management for this project demonstrates a collaborative approach to delivering unique and engaging lighting solutions for recreational spaces.

Night time Mini Golf experience:  The mini golf course, named Shanx Mini Golf offers a new and exciting style of golf that can be played at night.  This is made possible by the area lighting installed by BCE & CJ Electrical.  Night time golfing adds a fun and captivating dimension to the traditional mini golf experience.

Professional expertise:  The project benefited from the expertise of Sports Lighting SA, who contributed specialised knowledge in sports and recreational lighting.  This collaboration with experts in the field ensures that the lighting design meets the specific needs of the mini golf course.

Community engagement:  The result of this project is not only enjoyable for golf enthusiasts but also contributes to community engagement.  It provides an opportunity for families and friends to have fun together in an illuminated and entertaining environment.

Recommendation for night time visits:  Worth heading down there at night for a game and some fun to experience the mini golf course in its uniquely lit night time setting.

In summary, BCE & CJ Electrical's collaboration with Green Space Management and Sports Lighting SA in lighting the mini golf course at Regency Golf Course showcases our ability to create innovative and engaging lighting solutions for recreational spaces.  This project adds an exciting night time dimension to mini golfing, making it an attractive destination for the community and visitors looking for evening entertainment and fun.


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