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Woodville West Torrens Football Club Sports Lighting

The sports lighting upgrade project awarded to BCE & CJ Electrical for the Woodville West Torrens Football Club demonstrates our expertise in delivering high-quality lighting solutions for sports facilities.

Here are the key highlights of this project:

Client and lighting level specification:  The project was awarded by the Woodville West Torrens Football Club with the specific requirement of achieving Class 2 lighting levels, which typically refers to a lighting level of 500lux in the centre of the field, meeting these requirements is essential for facilitating safe and efficient sports activities during low-light conditions.

Lighting fixture selection:  BCE & CJ Electrical installed 69 Philips Optivision LED fittings, which are known for their energy efficiency and high-quality illumination. The choice of these fixtures ensures excellent visibility, compliance lux and safety for athletes and spectators.

Lighting column installation:  The project included the installation of six 30 metre light columns, these columns are strategically positioned to provide uniform and adequate lighting coverage across the sports field.

Directional drilling:  Conduits were directionally drilled to minimise damage to the surface area during the installation process.  This approach preserves the integrity of the field while installing the necessary infrastructure.

Advanced lighting control:  The inclusion of Dynalite dimming lighting automations adds a layer of sophistication to the lighting system.  This automation allows for dynamic control of lighting levels, adapting to the specific lighting needs of different sporting events, this not only enhances the playing experience but also helps save energy when maximum lighting isn't required.

Community impact:  The amazing result achieved benefits not only the Eagles Football Club and the Woodville Cricket Club but also the broader community. High-quality sports lighting enhances the usability and safety of the facility, encouraging community participation in sports and recreational activities.

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