Recent Projects

Portside - Isuzu

The engagement by Gary to carry out the electrical work for his new Isuzu showroom on Port Road Albert Park.

Here are the key aspects of our involvement in this project:

Design and Construct (D&C) Coordination:  BCE & CJ Electrical coordinated a Design and Construct approach, in collaboration with Isuzu, Gary and Pierlite.  This approach involved the design and construction of electrical systems to meet specific project requirements efficiently.

Electrical Infrastructure:  We were responsible for installing essential electrical infrastructure, which included:

A new main switchboard:  This serves as the central hub for electrical distribution and control.

Sub mains:  These secondary distribution points help efficiently distribute electrical power within the facility.

Distribution board:  To house circuit protection and other equipment for further power distribution.

Power supplies:  BCE & CJ Electrical ensured adequate power supplies for both general power needs and mechanical services within the Isuzu showroom ensuring that all electrical equipment and systems within the facility can function optimally.

Lighting Design:  Meeting lux requirements for lighting is crucial in a commercial showroom.  We installed lighting solutions that enhance the visibility and aesthetics of the showroom, this included lighting for offices, the showroom floor and the car park.

In summary, BCE & CJ Electrical's involvement in Gary's Isuzu showroom project demonstrates our capability to handle commercial electrical projects comprehensively. Our coordination with Pierlite, design and construct approach and attention to essential electrical infrastructure and lighting design contribute to the functionality and visual appeal of the showroom.  Commercial spaces like car showrooms require specialised electrical expertise to create an inviting and functional environment for customers and employees alike.

BCE & CJ Electrical

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