Recent Projects

Esplanade Henley Beach

This high-end residential renovation project at Henley Beach was an impressive project overall and we were so pleased to undertake the electrical, communications and security.  Some key things to note:

Prime beach front location:  The project's location on the beachfront at Henley Beach adds an element of luxury and scenic beauty to the renovation that offer stunning views.

Quality lighting:  The use of quality lighting indicates a commitment to aesthetics, functionality and ambiance.  This well-designed lighting has enhanced the overall atmosphere of the space.

C-Bus automation:  The inclusion of C-Bus automation complements with a high level of modernisation and convenience.  This automation system can control various aspects of the house, including lighting, blinds, pool equipment, underfloor heating, CCTV and security.  It offers homeowners greater control and efficiency in managing their home environment.

Comprehensive control:  The ability to control blinds, pool equipment, heating, surveillance and security through automation provides residents with a seamless and integrated experience in managing their living spaces.

Attention to detail:  Our team carried out an extremely high standard of work to achieve a result that the client and family were so happy with.

BCE & CJ Electrical

We are NECA accredited and fully licensed for every area we service. We have also received third-party certification for Quality Safety & Environmental Compliance, as audited and assessed by EQAS Certification