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Case Studies

We provide a wide range of electrical-based solutions and solve problems for customers everyday. Here is a sample list.

  1. Helping yachties have fun and expand
  2. Smart lighting for retail business
  3. Warehouse sees the light
  4. Sensors save bills for AMCOR
  5. Imaging and testing keeps Toro safe
  6. Future-proofing a school

Helping yachties to expand

Many organisations plan for growth, and that is exactly what the Royal Yacht Squadron did. It foresaw the need to have extra moorings for visitors to South Australia but nowadays boats aren’t just boats they have very modern amenities on board – airconditioning, hot water, electric ovens etc. They need not just a place to tie up but power (as well as water and sewage to stay environmentally friendly).

We installed a new large distribution board, undergrounded both power and data cabling (boats have the Internet as well) and installed not one but three extra switchboards to cater for an expected additional 100 boats to be moored.

If you are considering renovating or expanding, we provide no-obligation systems advice that will support what you require now and into the future. Simply ask our technical consultant to visit you.

Smart lighting for retail business

In a retail environment, lighting is critical even more so in a supermarket – imagine if the customer can't see the bottom shelf!

But having a store ablaze with light when the sun is shining meant that power could be saved.

Go-Lo supermarket at Munno Para shopping centre asked us if they could design lighting to be both more efficient and effective. Our solution involved installing 350 fluorescent lights on specially developed controls using electronic ballasts saving 35% of power costs compared with the previous situation. The light output is sufficient and the customers don't notice any difference.

We can provide a lighting system tailored for your premises, click here to read about some of the options. We can provide a competitive and detailed quote for a complete system with cost/benefit data.


Warehouse sees the light

It's a truism to say technology is changing fast but it is. Imagine a warehouse specifically designed less than 10 years ago fully equipped with the latest technology for the time. They had state of the art "High Bay" lights. These are huge lights suspended from the ceiling.

They installed mercury vapour lamps, which were developed in the 1930’s!! Their efficiency however does not compare with more modern lamps, yet they remain in use in warehouses. Generally speaking the light output of mercury vapour lamps will deteriorate significantly with age. This often necessitates over-design of the initial installation. Lamp life is typically 12,000 hours.

We installed a Clipsal CBus system allowing banks of lights to be controlled for one central screen. They can be dimmed, one section switched off etc, but importantly they swapped the light bulbs to metal halide, which are twice as efficient as mercury vapour and have twice the useful life!! In effect, a 400% improvement!

Now the store people can see well and there are substantial savings in power bills. You can achieve these results by asking our advice, whilst more information about CBus is available here.

Sensors save bills for AMCOR

Imagine a large factory where the light needed is always correct. Your OH&S requirements automatically met! We have recently automated the lighting system at a major packaging factory for AMCOR.

Remote sensors control the lights. The sensors measure the light levels and adjust the output of the lighting system accordingly so as the sun moves around the building, lights are automatically dimmed and some increased to maintain an optimum light level. Just try doing that using a set of switches!

If you would like to optimise your lighting and save costs then contact us. You can discover our lighting solutions here.

Imaging and testing keeps Toro safe

We take care of the electrical needs of Toro Manufacturing. They don't want their plant out of action but running flat out completing export orders.

We compiled thermographic images of Toro's critical plant and switchboards. Thermography allows electrical problems to be identified before they cause trouble. Small problems are nipped in the bud.

All Toro's appliances and tools are regularly tested and tagged. We keep detailed records so OH&S compliance requirements are met painlessly. Exit and emergency lighting is also checked on a regular basis and records kept.

We strongly recommend a risk-prevention program for your organisation, click here to learn more about our services or seek our advice.

Future-proofing a school

Our children are the future and today's schools need to plan for the future. This is why Salisbury High School invited Datalink, a division of BCE & CJ Electrical, to assist it cable most of its buildings.

The cables provide huge bandwidth and speed as every classroom has computers and they are used heavily.

Datalink stands ready to assist when the demand for mobile computing using wireless technology grows. You can read more about our voice and data services here or ask us to quote on your cabling or wireless requirements.